The Warship Butterfly

On a day when our efforts tax us we feel as if entangled in a spider’s web. We had stepped too close - only wanting to peer into the weaver’s eyes. The spider symbolizes an intangible desire - the cusp of our patience and its exhaustion.

For some time I wanted to develop a new […]

I Do Not Exist

I finally decided to relaunch even though I understand that the site is not yet ready. Alazanto is not a day job, nor do I want it to be. I will be tinkering in the coming months - notably bringning the site up to the XHTML 1.1 spec and providing better accessibility.

Please keep […]

Are you a translator?

Unfortunately I only understand one language – English. While I try to make this understanding solid, projects arise where competency in several languages is preferred. Because of this, I would like to extend an invitation out to anyone who might be interested in assisting me with translating the content of websites.

In the next […]

Fun with Related Links

I learned a really neat trick today while working on a IIS hosted site. This is a static site that relies heavily upon server side includes to make updating links a little easier. Recently, the webmaster wanted to be able to add related links to each page where such an addition made sense.

Unfortunately, […]


I am announcing the opening of a more portfolio-like portfolio in the visual arts section. My hope is that no links will be broken from this shifting about, but please contact me if you run into troubles.

Edit: After a day, I decided to further develop another comp and implemented a different design. Additionally, […]

Power and Iconography

As a matter of opinion I would say that Rand’s original logo for UPS has recently rocketed to the stature of immortality (in what limited scope we may foresee). From what I gather from reading, logos such as these will continue to be esteemed a work of art, no matter the decisions of private enterprise […]

Polarized Presidency

The nation is polarized, more or less, into two ideological movements. However, the lines of polarization are quite ambiguous. Old notions of political alignment have given way to propositions of political dealignment. What groups inhabit America?

In the early 1900’s, there existed a sharp divide between urban and rural dwellers, and the rich […]

Validating the Comments Template

As I am tweaking each of my templates for conformance with the XHTML 1.1 spec, I faced a challenge with the comments template. The “form” element contains the “name” property rather than the “id” property. For the latest versions of XHTML, “name” is no longer supported.

For this reason, one is safe to specify […]

Design & Relationships

So, what do you think? Do we live in a world - I mean - a society where design is relegated to the soft drink label and album cover? Does design span across wider dimensions? Is design a force that helps us to build relationships not only with one another, but with nature?

Design & Globalization

The internet has a great deal of potential, as is always echoed by those who work with it on a day-to-day basis. Through this medium, we approach age old challenges of building community or helping protect those who ask for such protection.

Northland College Front Page Redesign

These are the technical notes behind the effort to redesign Northland College’s front page. The new front page is the first step towards a wider initiative to bring the College’s web site up to the latest web and accessibility standards.

For a demonstration of the front page, please visit the following location. When the […]

Tasman & Absolutely Positioned Child Elements

We now have a wonderful workaround for screen-readers that are unable to read elements with a display declaration of none.

For more information about this method, See the “Screenreader Visibility” article at the CSSD Wiki.
The Code Behind this Method

li {
position: absolute;
top: 0px;
left: -999px;
/* and for those HR’s you want to hide: */
width: 400px;

Unfortunately, however, the following […]

Granted Services

I just completed the information page for my new grants program. I plan on granting a needy organization a website worth up to $3,500. I feel this will be a way to give back to society the opportunities I have been afforded in my lifetime.

You can visit the site by following the link […]

Linked List Items as Block Elements

With a little help, I managed to work around a common rendering issue with linked list items and Internet Explorer 5 and 6 for windows. I decided to document my findings with a short tutorial on styling unordered lists (ul).
Special thanks go to Michael Ryznar for his assistance.

The Rendering Bug
Without the necessary workaround, Internet […]

Accessibility Consulting

Web developers need to consider user testing when building accessible sites. Even if a developer tries to test a site themselves, they will invariably approach their designs with both biases and a lack of understanding of how users most in need of accessibility cope with the world on a day to day basis.

Such a […]

Embedded Formatting for Mozilla

Thus far, the most glaring problem with the XML/XSLT driven weblog has been in how formatting (like paragraphs or images) embedded in the XML documents would cause Mozilla to display the HTML tags rather than rendering the HTML.
As I explained earlier, disable-output-escaping is a method to render HTML tags embedded in XML documents. In […]

MT Carbon

Movabletype outputs this particular weblog to pure XML (extensible markup language). This data can be ported to any source you like. This document reads the XML data and transforms it into something that a web browser (in our case, IE6, Netscape 6+, Mozilla) can read.

Partial Weblog Complete

I seem to be making pretty good progress on converting the entire movabletype weblog (MT Carbon, as it is now called) over to a portable XML format. I have all the archive pages completed and a comments system partially implemented. To get the comments system working, I used this thread as a resource.
You […]